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Updated: January 11, 2018

Pleased to announce that the MostlyLies world will soon expand to include my good friend Lauren Messervey’s anthology of harrowing, nail-biting horror shorts: Crestfallen. Paperback and eBook through Amazon KDP, aiming for end of January.

Also, first draft of Hunting Midnight, Episode 4 is underway. Main chunk of the high level plot is “done” but at this phase, anything could change, be scrapped, evolve, etc.

Other stuff

To do

  • Test the new tracker system for a month or so
  • Deep plotting for Hunting Midnight, Episode Four (drafting has started)
  • Deep plotting for The Childseeker’s War, Part Two
  • Write five new Reddit shorts (one | two | three | four | five)
  • Continue populating The Self-Pub Hub
  • Be more active on Critique Circle | Current: No. 402 · Not very active (Top 60%)


  • Paperback and ebook for THE CHILDSEEKER’S WAR
  • Finish the first draft of Hunting Midnight, Episode Three.
  • Create the beginning of the self-publishing resource hub, possibly think of neat name for it
  • Build individual web pages for each HM episode with deeper synopses/author notes