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I like this site

A bunch of things to report on, but not enough time to gather them all before I leave for Things & Stuff (okay it’s board games) tonight. So, I’ll just note that I am very pleased with this WordPress Theme and the way looks and feels right now. Had […]

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Wattpad jam

I had the privilege of taking part in a writer’s workshop today at Wattpad HQ in Toronto. They gathered about a dozen of us up, fed us pizza and picked our brains re: our writing process and individual/collective journeys as part of ongoing research into how to better serve writers. […]

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Remote blogging

This blog post was written from the inside of a cozy pub in Toronto, an hour or so before I head off to a friend’s husband’s jazz performance. In this pub, I wrote 313 words and bunch of good notes. It’s been a while since I sat down in  place […]

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