Hunting Midnight

Author Jordan Castle
Cover art Liz Mac Illustration
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Length Current season: 3 episodes | 67,000 words | 4h28m
Type Episodes in a serial (or 'season')
Alena moved to a small town to start a restaurant, not to tangle with a demon. But when the monster messes with her wifi, ruins her roommate’s date, and threatens to commit mass murder, she’s forced to put her plans on hold.

She traces several strange events to a grandfather clock with backward numbers. The ghost inside thinks she’s there to help it escape, and offers to show her the world through its eyes. In order to protect the town’s safety and sanity, Alena may have to sacrifice her own.

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Having bested Eden once, Alena takes the fight to the clock itself. A strange new world unfolds as pieces of the ghost’s history surface, some of which are less friendly than others.

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Prepared and determined, Alena’s crew scans radio waves looking for signs of the demon’s return. Deluxe wrestles with her feelings for Dack, and Alena wonders how to handle Persi’s secret.

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