Good deep winter momentum

This time of year, in Canada, it’s easy to let the dreary skies or freezing temperatures sap feelings of productivity. I think I’ve done well this time around! Spinning up lots of beneficial projects and habits. Though fitness has suffered, here’s a quick highlight reel:

  • Unveiled a passion project imitative at the 9 to 5 that I’m pumped to rally behind
  • Writing daily is much easier with the big carrot of writing an awesome year’s-end infographic
  • The two new Instagram projects are great for filling small time gaps
  • Publishing others’ fiction keeps me connected to a good, likeminded crew
  • Collaborative storytelling (read: DnD) + tabletop gaming and strong friend circles that support those things keeps my creative mind engaged on a regular basis

Will be fun to see how I fare as the spring comes round with its energy, and when the summer tempts with all its glory!

Also today:

  • 1,546 words
  • Playtested using Rory’s Story Cubes and my own ‘chaos table’ to develop writing prompts and ideas. Results: promising. More later!

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