Not a case of the Mondays

I kicked today’s ass!

Bad sleep, usually a bad sign. I was up before 5am and in my office by 6am, opting to make use of the morning instead of trying to fruitlessly corral Z’s. Was able to get some solid HM plotting done, got started on work catch-up early.

The workday itself was interrupted by a fire alarm, and it was taking forever for it to be resolved so instead of milling about outside in the snow, I went home and continued working, knocking down a bunch of tasks. As soon as work-work was done, slotted right back into writing. Blasted out even more plot, wrote 1.5 scenes at 1,850 words including an outcome in the story that surprised the heck out me in a wonderful way.

In fact, it might be my favourite surprise of the whole Hunting Midnight series so far (no spoilers)! Totally character driven, a fantastic solution to a tiny corner I wrote myself into. Glowing evidence that there’s dimension and agency within a person I’ve created.

Now the question is if my writing “high” will chain into another poor sleep (it can happen, unfortunately) which will almost certainly mean a fizzled Tuesday (one of these combos happened last year: Super Monday! <> Sleepy Tuesday), so I am going to and remember to turn in within the hour.


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